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Our Customers : Testimonials

“I am constantly reviewing software for the mortgage industry, nothing comes close to ‘BSUITE Mortgage’ because of the breadth it covers for running a mortgage company. We have been using this for the last 20 months, and it is superior to the stand-alone solutions that are being offered by other vendors.”
Devon Sanders - President and Owner, Liberty One Financial

“BSUITE works seamlessly with POINT (from Calyx Software), and adds the workflow required for my team to collaborate on closing loans quickly. Not only do I get a dashboard depicting an up-to-date pipeline and status of each loan, I can also drill-down to the details of all interactions that my agents have been having with our prospects & borrowers. Never will we go back to the ice-age.”
-- Rafiq Diwan - President and Owner, Phoenix Financial Corporation

“We have been using BSUITE for telemarketing for the past 15 months, and are very happy with the reliability. All leads are scrubbed against Do Not Call registry, and only the callable phone numbers are assigned to our telemarketers. Increased our telemarketer efficiency by an order of magnitude.”
-- Marc Valenzuela - President and Owner, American Financial Services

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