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Weberon's Share Product -- Hosted and Administered Sametime Services

Reproduced from ePro Magazine Newsletter.

Several issues back, I wrote about the benefits of IBM Software's Sametime as secure chat and shared meeting product as compared to the many public offerings (AOL IM, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, IRC, etc.). Many companies have adopted the product and have had tremendous success. Institutions have had significant money savings with reduced travel costs and more productive meetings as compared to, say, only using a conference call. Sametime offers users the ability to securely hold a meeting and share presentations and chat with users across town or around the world.

Some readers asked me if there were any companies that provide a hosted or managed solution for Sametime. Well there are a few, and one such company is Weberon, which offers a Sametime Share product. Weberon's product takes many of the headaches out of deploying a managed Sametime environment in your corporation.

Weberon's Share Appliance offers a secure and scalable solution based on Sametime. It includes what you would expect from a standard Sametime installation including:

- Presence Awareness
Be aware of who is online.
Embed online awareness into business applications.

- Converse Securely
Chat securely with one or many people who are online.
This includes the ability to upgrade a chat session to an instant Web- conference with audio and video.

- Collaborate
Share application and/or documents with other users.
Let others use your applications or edit your documents.
Take control of remote computers.

- Record e-meetings
People not able to attend an e-meeting can replay the recording anytime.

What separates the Share product from a standard Sametime installation is a hosted role-based portal for controlled deployment and ease of administration. The appliance also performs a 'CheckPC' step which ensures the participants' PCs are capable of running the Sametime client before attending a meeting. The appliance works in conjunction with your existing corporate security products and procedures.

In addition, the Share appliance integrates with your corporate directory such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, or Domino. The product can be tailored to appear seamlessly within your company so users do not realize it is a third-party offering.

More information on the Share product based on IBM Software's Sametime can be found http://www.weberon.com/Share. You can test-drive it at http://www.weberon.com/TryShare.

-- Scott L. Thomas, DominoWire Security Tips Technical Editor

Reproduced from ePro Magazine Newsletter.

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