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Our Services : Deploying BSUITE

Each organization's need is unique and is based on a variety of factors, including financial budget, security, and integration constraints. To address each customer's unique time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership needs, we can deploy our solutions on IBM's cloud, or on a server hosted either "on your premises" or hosted in a Tier-1 data center.

A fully hosted solution is ideal for companies wanting high availability and reliability, without an upfront capital expense or ongoing resource commitments. We can host our solutions on IBM's secure SmartCloud or host on a dedicated server in a Tier-1 state-of-art data center, monitored 24x7 and fully managed, guaranteeing 99.5% uptime.

Deploying on a server in your premises, leverages your existing investment and infrastructure, and guarantees security by conforming to your corporate firewall policies. You have an option of our professional services team managing and maintaining your server, ensuring security and reliability.

This flexibility affords organizations of all sizes to leverage enterprise solutions, while enjoying cost-savings, productivity, and security. Best of all, our deployment options have the flexibility and assurance of being able to migrate from an internally housed 'on-premises' server to a hosted environment, anytime.

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