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Our Services : Managed Services

Outsourcing your Intranet or messaging infrastructure, guarantees you security, reliability, and high availability at a fixed cost, without the need to build an internal team.

Our staff use the latest technologies in server management, automatic failover, backup and disaster recovery, hosted in state-of-art IBM's data center to provide you the security and reliability you can rely on for running your operations.

The same technologies and infrastructure utilized by Fortune-100 companies, can be utilized by you, without the need to build expertise and team in-house. More importantly, this allows you to focus on your core competencies to run your business, and to streamline your resources to focus on your core competencies.

If you have a need to extend this infrastructure, our highly trained team of skilled professionals can work with you, to define the scope of work and engage with your team, to deliver any modification or extension that you may need to this infrastructure, to support your business.

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