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Our Solutions
Enterprise Software, at an entry price-tag

Weberon's BSUITE is a family of secure and integrated business applications built to provide the foundation for organizations to streamline and collaborate on typical business processes.

BSUITE Intranet
Secure Corporate Collaboration

An Intranet, for organizations to streamline business processes relating to Human Resources management, customer relationship management, and document management in addition to being a portal for employee collaboration, securely accessible from anywhere. >>


BSUITE Mortgage
Loan Processing... Streamlined

A secure Intranet built for mortgage industry. Includes telemarketing, prospect management and pipeline management, in addition to employee management, document management, and extranet. Foundation for employee collaboration. >>

Drive Agent Productivity

We call this 'Call Center in a box'. Everything that you need to run your call center is contained in this solution. Your call center will embody industry best practises, in measuring agent productivity or lead management. >>

An Elite Business
Partner of IBM
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